Framework for PM Interviews- Part 1

  1. Behavioral Questions
  2. Estimation Questions
  3. Product Questions
  4. Case Studies
  5. Technical Questions
  6. Problem Solving
  1. Design a new Product (eg: Design a refrigerator for kids.)
  2. Improve an existing product (eg: How Airbnb can improve the retention of hosts)
  3. Favorite Product (eg: Pick a product that you use everyday and what makes you use it daily?



C- Clarify the question

C- Compile the structure

I- Identify the users

R- Report customer’s needs/ pain points.

C- Cut, through prioritization

L- List solutions

E- Evaluate trade offs

S- Summarize your recommendation

N- Name the Metric

S- Say my Name ( ;) )

Q- Quote the goals and target users

U- U like the product, why?

A- Alternatives and why your product is better?

R- Room for improvements?

E- Explain how improvements align with goals




Exploring and experimenting products

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Aditya Garg

Aditya Garg

Exploring and experimenting products

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