Transitioning into Product Management — 5 Ways

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  • You enjoy working across functions and like to be in the intersection of technology, design and business
  • You enjoy solving people’s problem. Word to stress here, enjoy!
  • You like working with people from different domains and not in silos
  • You enjoy articulating and documenting- like strategy, vision, objectives, thoughts, user stories, product requirements
  • You like making decisions and be in the middle of the game. Also get stuff done but with influence and not authority
  • You prefer having the T skill i.e. more of breadth (multiple domains) and gradually include the depth (single domain)
  • You absolutely love studying and learning user behaviour, decision making and psychology

1. Internal transition

2. Join an APM program

3. Certificate or Cohort Based Courses

4. Join a start-up with a product related need

5. Build something

The Roadmap

If anything is working for you, double down on it. If it is not working for you, try changing the approach.

Experiment, learn, deliver, or else pivot.

Experiment, learn, deliver, or else pivot.

All the best!



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